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Our training program has been developed for all pointing breeds. In this program we highly focus on conditioning. It is our belief that a well conditioned dog is more easily trained. From there the program that is used is tailored to the dog, it's temperament and advancement from starting to finished. We also offer specialized training needed for specific needs, including handler training​. A commitment we make is that when it comes to training with birds we will never use shock collars. It is our belief that shock collars are a magnificent training tool but also potentially the most problematic training tool. We are unwilling to take the risk and chose a more patient approach. For more information about our training program and our unique per day training fees or week long boarding fees use the contact us page to get further information.


It is crucial to a pup’s development to introduce them to birds and training at a very early age. The most critical period to teach a puppy is between the ages of 6-20 weeks of age. We prefer to start pups beginning at 12 weeks of age. Pointing dogs that are properly introduced to birds have a considerable development advantage over dogs that are started at a later age. At this stage the focus is on getting foundational commands engrained. This ensures a young dog is excited about birds and has learned the basics of how to utilize his instincts. This level elevates the dog's intensity of prey drive and readies them for the formal stages of training.



This stage is the natural progression and a building on the foundation established in our puppy program. At this level we are reinforcing all aspects of obedience and bird work that have been introduced like the "whoa" command, steadiness on point, retrieving, honoring, handling and range. At this stage we also introduce dogs to the e-collar for obedience issues. However we never use e-collar stimulation in conjunction with birds and dogs not fully trained (finished). At this level we believe the key is birds, birds and more birds to develop the dog's natural abilities and bring out their very best.


We believe that it is just as important that owners and handlers are trained as it is training their canine partners. The owner/handler attends several sessions which helps them to understand the various stages of training that are used to develop dogs or retain and improve upon the training we have provided. During these sessions a variety of methods will be demonstrated and most importantly we will provide suggestions of "take home drills" that we believe will be beneficial based on our observations of your dog. 

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