Teeka Hightail Wilson

(August 4, 1999 - October 12, 2012)

Josey was our introduction to the English Setter world.  We adopted Josey when she was six years old and we immediately fell in love.  She was an amazing bird dog but also an excellent family member!  Josey loved her grouse hunts in the woods and would hold her birds forever!  Josey was the mother to many excellent pups, and produced 4 NSTRA champions in her lifetime.  She got us hooked and we will always be grateful to have had the chance to partner with her for some of her wonderful years. This picture was her last bird.

Lansdell's Northwin Lady 

(August 2, 2007- August 10, 2016)

Our second English Setter, Lady, was one of our best grouse hunters as she excelled at tracking birds and had no hesitation running into the thickest areas of the woods to find the next grouse or woodcock.  We nicknamed her our "Kamikaze" bird dog as she would quickly get cut up with her hunting intensity. She was such a joy to work and hunt with.  We were able to provide several happy families with some dynamite puppies that she mothered.  Gone too soon, she will be missed.

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