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It's not about us.

It's always about helping bird dogs become all they were meant to be.

It all started with Josey. The picture to the left is the first day she came to live with us. Right from the start we saw something special in this breed and knew that we wanted more of them. However what intrigued us most was the training process and learning how to read dogs in order to anticipate their responses. The learning continues as we are always learning and seeing new scenarios but nothing makes us smile more than to see the dogs we train succeed. 

Our passion for upland bird dogs has lead to another passion that has allowed us to work our dogs all year and not just during the hunting season, whether on our own or guiding. A number of  years ago we began successfully competing in National Shoot To Retrieve Association (NSTRA) trials. Currently three of our dogs are champions; Rascal a seven time champion, Duke a two time champion and Denver who is a one time champion. 

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