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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find your visit enjoyable and informative. We are passionate about training and working with all pointing breeds in order to bring out what is best in them for upland bird hunting or trialing. Our first English Setter was a special dog named Josey and because of her, our dog of choice for hunting and trialing will likely always be English Setters but yet, for us nothing is more enjoyable than watching a well trained pointing dog at work in the woods, in the field or in a trial. We would be honored to get the chance to show you what we mean by matching you up with one of our puppies or dogs, through training your dog or through a guided hunt where you get the chance to hunt over top notch upland bird dogs.



Just a testimony about our new pup, "Cash's Northwin Riley" from Northwinsetter Kennels and Roger Lansdell. Of all the dogs we have introduced to our family, Riley is the most well adjusted and without a doubt the most trainable and loving of all. Could not recommend any higher." (David C.)


"Just finished a great Grouse and Woodcock season with my Northwinsetter Josie. The training sessions for both Josie and I you provided over the past two years are paying off as we totaled 21 grouse and 25 woodcock over Josie." (John M.)

“We couldn't be happier with Roscoe, who was billed as "well started" and was exactly that. He's stylish, eager to please, and on his way to being my best bird dog ever.” (Rick C.)

"Our first English Setter really endeared us to the breed and when she passed in early 2015, we began looking for another and fortunately for us, discovered Northwinsetter Kennels. Several of our acquaintances gave the owners, Roger and Sandra Lansdell, excellent recommendations. We contacted them and found that a litter was due in mid-June so we made a deposit on a pup and after their arrival made 2 visits to meet Roger and Sandra and the pups. Our pup, ‘Sunny’ chose us and she’s a delightful, healthy, affectionate, eager to please, energetic and ‘birdy’ 2 year-old who is excellent with children of all ages.

My wife loved Sunny from day one, so a long 2 – 3 month ‘away from home training’ was out of the question. Fortunately, Roger understands this and offers a tailored weekly training program that fits our schedule and pocketbook. He works with Sunny and me for an hour every week and I get a ‘homework assignment’ to work on between sessions. There is still work to be done, but it’s amazing how Sunny has moved so rapidly from a novice to a confident pointer in just 5 sessions. Roger makes the sessions fun for both Sunny and me and the small adjustments that he either suggests or makes pay big dividends in bringing out Sunny’s inner talents. It’s a program that works and I highly recommend it." (Dale R.)

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